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For the health of your employees

Health insurance

Company health insurance (bKV) for the health of your employees

Company health insurance is a supplementary health insurance policy to the statutory health insurance policy that the employer takes out for its employees. The employer pays the premiums for this. With a bKV, absenteeism and illness costs of your employees can be significantly reduced and a better treatment in case of illness can be achieved.

Why you should decide in favor of a bKV as an employer

Company health insurance is not only an attractive employee benefit when it comes to attracting new skilled workers, it also binds your employees to your company in the long term. Investing in the health of your workforce is very well received by your staff and increases their satisfaction. In addition, the loss of productivity can be significantly reduced, especially with an aging workforce. From an economic point of view, the employer can even earn money with the bKV or at least realize a considerable return on investment. In a consultation, we will be happy to show you what is possible specifically in your company by analyzing a few key figures. Up to an amount of € 44 per month per employee:in can be invested here tax and social security free – from 2022 even up to € 50. The contribution is fully deductible as a business expense.

How your employees benefit from the company health insurance scheme

With a bKV, your employees receive an additional health benefit to the existing statutory – or even private – health insurance in the outpatient and/or inpatient area, without any further costs for the employees. Your employees can look forward to an immediate benefit and numerous services such as specialist service or video consultation – without any health check and waiting periods. Even pre-existing conditions are covered. In addition, the employees settle the benefits directly with the insurer.

Win-win situation

for employers and employees

Whether an annual budget, tariff modules or tariff bundles are right for your company is something we can quickly determine in a consultation. The introduction of an occupational health insurance plan is much less complicated than you might think. In short, better prevention, diagnostics and treatment options mean that illnesses can be detected, diagnosed and treated earlier and employees are back at work sooner. This reduces absenteeism due to incapacity for work (AU), increases productivity and saves costs. This results in an efficient win-win situation for both the employer and the employees.

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