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Private health insurance

Private health insurance for our clients

In order to be able to guarantee our clients not only corporate but also private all-round protection, we are also happy to take over the administration of their private health insurance.

Closing gaps in supply

through private supplementary insurance

In addition to brokering and advising on comprehensive health insurance for employees, self-employed persons, freelancers and persons entitled to benefits, we also offer private supplementary insurance to supplement the insurance cover provided by the statutory health insurance. With this, the insurance gaps of the statutory health insurance in the outpatient, inpatient and dental area can be partially or completely closed. Even though a health insurance policy is taken out for the long term and it usually does not make sense to change insurers in comprehensive health insurance, it is important to review one’s own health insurance policy at regular intervals to ensure that the insured rate is still the right one.

Your advantages through a PKV tariff change

When it comes to private health insurance, switching to a more favorable rate is anything but easy – especially for existing customers. We are therefore happy to support you in changing tariffs within private health insurance (tariff optimization), which offers great savings potential and allows you to take along rights you have already acquired (age provision, health status) and to adjust the scope of benefits to your current and future life situation. This means you are no longer exposed to the severe obsolescence of existing tariffs. If the new tariff includes an additional benefit, a health check is required. However, even if the health check turned out to be disadvantageous for you, it is still possible to switch to the new tariff while waiving the additional benefits. In this way, you still benefit from the lower premiums in the newer, open-for-sale tariffs.

Your experienced partner

when changing a PKV tariff

Dirrigl & Partner takes over the research and consulting for the tariff change for you. We present the services to you in detail and carry out the complete changeover at your request. Since this is a very complex and time-consuming process, we charge a fee for this.

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