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Supply industry


One of the most important supplier industries in Germany

The foundry industry in Germany is largely characterized by medium-sized companies. The companies process a wide variety of metallic materials such as iron, aluminum, steel and copper. The wide range of cast products is supplied in particular to the automotive and mechanical engineering industries.

Challenges posed by digitalization, energy transition and complex supply chains

The target markets of the foundry industry also initially determine the specific coverage scenarios. Liability is primarily determined by the area of application. Accordingly, the insurance cover must also be individually tailored to this. In addition, a small number of customers with a high degree of market power determine the contractual conditions under which supplies must be made. On the other hand, the supply chain as a whole up to the end customer must also be taken into account. Damage caused by melting masses must be considered as a special risk. These must also be included in the complete risk analysis. Last but not least, the topic of “Foundry 4.0” leads to new, complex requirements due to the increasing digitalization of the industry and the challenges posed by the energy transition, which must also be reflected in insurance coverage.

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