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An industry with a long tradition

Craft Industry

An industry that demands full physical commitment

The skilled crafts sector comprises the creation of products and the provision of services at the request of the clientele. The occupational fields of the skilled trades are very diverse and form an essential part of the middle class in Germany. The majority of businesses operate in the metal, electrical, wood, construction, health and food sectors.

The physical load as a central challenge

On-site customer deployment plays a significant role in the risk analysis of insurance solutions. Liability policies must be analyzed and optimized for liability risks such as activity damage. The physical strain on employees must be compensated as well as possible. Particularly important is public liability – in particular the modules including damage to activities, work on third-party property and ancillary costs of remedying defects. Due to the amendment of Section 439 (3) of the German Civil Code (BGB), extended product liability is also essential for craftsmen, as the craftsman is liable for the installation and removal of defective products, regardless of whether the craftsman is at fault. Tools and supplies in vehicles or on the construction site should also be covered under workman’s compensation and property insurance.

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for the Craft Industry

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