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Kidnap & Ransom-

In Germany, the number of kidnappings and extortions is on the rise

Owners, shareholders, employees and their family members who are active and on the move worldwide are increasingly exposed to a variety of kidnapping and extortion risks that are difficult to control or avoid. It is not just people who are particularly wealthy or in the public eye who are affected – the target group for such attacks is broad. The risk is particularly high in countries with political unrest, but the number of kidnappings and extortions has also been rising steadily in Germany for years.

This is where Kidnap & Ransom insurance comes in

Kidnap & Ransom insurance covers all costs incurred in connection with kidnapping, extortion and illegal deprivation of liberty. These primarily include ransom demands, but also the loss of the ransom in transit, the costs of crisis counseling, and recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration costs.

Professional help

in the event of a crisis

Our experts will work with you to create insurance coverage tailored to you and your company that will provide you, your family members and employees with professional support in the event of a crisis and protect you against enormous financial risks.

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