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Holistic solutions

and medicine

Health economy and medical technology

The health care industry comprises all goods and services that are developed and provided with the aim of maintaining or improving human health. It is indispensable in today’s world, as the challenges in medical care are becoming increasingly complex and a growing number of patients must be treated and cared for efficiently due to demographic developments. The products, devices and processes required for diagnostics and therapy are supplied by the medical technology sector.

Holistic solutions are needed for healing

In such a fast-moving industry, research and development costs and competitive pressure are particularly high. This is because only the most promising research approaches receive financial support and are brought to market. In addition, the pandemic has presented companies with completely new challenges since 2020, especially with regard to global supply chains. See also Regensburg Future Cluster.

The insurance broker

for the health and medicine sector

With our industry-specific expertise, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage and forward-looking risk management to hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and retirement and nursing homes.

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