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Biotech & Life Sciences

A highly innovative industry in constant change

Biotechnology and life sciences are an industry that is subject to constant change. Due to the interdisciplinary combination of the sector with various other industries such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, the glass industry, textiles and food, the sector must rather be viewed as a network that interacts holistically. This is the only way to develop further innovations – for example in the fields of molecular diagnostics, biochips, and biofunctional surfaces.

Keeping an Overview of all industry players

Coordinating the insurance packages of the different players with each other is particularly important here, so as not to leave any gaps in the production chains. Traditional and emerging risks need to be assessed here, and customers need to be protected against liability for foreign clinical trials and product recalls, which are unique to these industries. In addition, there are highly specific industry challenges, e.g., higher product liability risks for genetically modified organisms or consideration of safety levels for laboratory risks. See also Regensburg Future Cluster.

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Only a few insurers are able to offer innovative insurance coverage here. The entire insurance market is open to us for negotiation. Rely on our far-sighted and up-to-date insurance solutions for the biotechnology industry and let us advise you individually according to your requirements.

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