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Drivers for innovations

Electrical engineering
and electronics

An essential driver for innovation

The electrical engineering and electronics sector is one of the most important industries in our country and is also an important driver of many other sectors. It not only actively drives the digital transformation, but also ensures social progress. But the electrical industry also connects people with each other – both in the business and private sectors.

Global networking

and international production chains

However, the strong international networking poses a variety of challenges for electrical engineering and electronics companies. These include disruptions to the international movement of goods, natural disasters and transport damage. In addition, the joint responsibility for product defects occurring within long supply chains and the associated risk of personal injury must be taken into account. In order to survive in global competition, the rapid development of technological innovations is a must. If you want to keep pace, you have to risk increasing the risk of errors by shortening development cycles. In this context, pure development services lead to special liability risks. Finally, cyber damage must also be factored in as a result of increasing digitization and electrification. See also Regensburg Future Cluster.

The insurance broker

for the electrical engineering and electronics industry

With our experience and know-how in this innovative industry, we are able to secure your company in all areas and beyond national borders. With the help of our international network, we can also take care of your subsidiaries and operating facilities abroad.

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