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Industrial insurance and large enterprises

Brokerage collection

Advantages of brokerage collection for our clients

In the area of industrial insurance and large companies, broker debt collection is standard practice regardless of the industry. In doing so, the insurance broker assumes comprehensive verification duties and enforces the interests of his clients against the insurance companies and third parties in a goal-oriented manner. This saves our clients valuable time, as they do not have to deal with the formalities – in addition, possible errors are 100% borne by the broker.

This is how we proceed

The majority of the insurance contracts we manage are handled via broker collection. This allows us to check all policies and invoices in advance for errors in content and calculation. Only after receiving an inspection stamp, the original documents are sent to you. In-house invoicing also allows us to individualize premium invoices, for example, to issue separate invoices for the respective subsidiary companies.

Benefit from our Expertise

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