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A multi-faceted industry

Print and media

A multi-faceted industry that is constantly evolving

The printing industry is characterized first and foremost by its diversity: This applies both to the printing processes – e.g. gravure, screen printing, sheetfed and web printing, digital printing – and to the specializations and customer sectors. At the same time, it is constantly changing, with developments such as increased industrialization, faster innovation cycles, more specific services, the convergence of print and online offerings, and the combination of print products with electronics and highly refined print products. What most printing companies have in common is that they need and depend on modern, high-quality machinery.

If you want to survive in the printing industry, you have to adapt

Since the invention of letterpress printing, the printing and media industry has changed significantly. In the last 20 years, there have been massive distribution and displacement battles among print shops. More and more companies fell by the wayside or were swallowed up by others. The remaining print shops are under enormous pressure to invest. They can only survive on the market with massive capital investment. For companies in the media industry, the main risk is the so-called “publication risk”. This often raises the question of “infringement of a personal right”. In addition to cyber attacks, the production and processing of image, audio, and video recordings on the company’s own and/or third-party property can also entail risks.

The insurance broker for print and media companies

Insurance coverage must also be adapted to these ongoing changes. We develop tailored insurance and risk solutions for your media company – whether it’s a print shop, publisher, agency or production company – that will stand the test of time in this fast-moving industry.

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