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Dirrigl & Partner is an owner-managed, medium-sized and independent company with over 70 years of experience in the insurance industry.

Versatile industry

Metals Manufacturing

A strong player in international trade

Metalworking is the processing and manufacture of workpieces that are formed from metal. We constantly come across metal goods in our daily lives: for example, in the form of cutlery at the dining table, tools and screws, jewelry or as important components of furniture. But they are also used in industry, for example in the construction of machine tools, vehicles, ships and bridges. Overall, the metalworking sector is strongly characterized by medium-sized companies and is export-oriented.

A multifaceted industry

which involves many operational risks

Metal processing is an extremely diverse industry. Accordingly, the risk protection that a company needs in order to identify loss events at an early stage and manage them optimally also varies. While issues such as very long warranty periods or insufficient testing are at the core of some companies, for others it is the highly specialized machinery and the switch to Industry 4.0 that pose major challenges.

The insurance broker

for metal processing companies

To ensure that you can build on a secure future, Dirrigl & Partner takes care of effective and sustainable risk identification and management. With our international industry network, we are able to quickly detect possible changes on the international market and provide you with the optimal insurance protection at all times.

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