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An industry that is subject to constant structural change

When we shop in the supermarket today, we can no longer tell from the animal and plant-based foods where they come from, under what conditions they were produced, how much work went into them and how they found their way onto German shelves. It’s no wonder, then, that customers want more transparency, that consumer protection has increasingly focused on this area in recent years, and that this has brought about a change in production processes. Overall, the agricultural industry is one of the most diverse sectors, because in addition to the core areas of arable farming and livestock breeding, agrarians are mostly active in many other areas, particularly due to the developments of recent years.

Many agricultural companies with outdated insurance coverage

This is precisely why the existing insurance coverage of many farmers is often no longer up to date. Many farms have stayed with the same insurer for too long – often for generations – sometimes even with completely outdated insurance policies that have not been regularly updated. This results in significant gaps in coverage.

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For vertically integrated growers, packers, processors, and shippers

Whether you are a family-run small business or a large industrial enterprise, our competent team of industry and insurance experts will develop a long-term plan for your successful risk management and will be available to advise you on insurance coverage at any time.

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