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Protective shield for decision makers

D&O insurance

Protection for managing directors, board members and supervisory board members

Directors and officers insurance provides protection for a company’s governing bodies against claims by the company (internal liability) and third parties (external liability). Because managing directors, managers, board members and supervisory board members are liable with their private assets in the event of professional errors, it is important to protect these assets adequately. Sometimes just one wrong decision is enough to cause losses in the millions. While the risks for the company are increasingly being hedged, the board of directors or the management believes itself to be on the safe side by taking out a D&O insurance policy. D&O insurance is suitable for companies of various types, from limited liability companies and stock corporations to clubs and associations.

How we protect decision makers

We first analyze the circumstances of your corporate bodies. We then draw up a security package that addresses the possible personal risks of the individuals concerned as comprehensively as possible. The most important thing here is that the company management is granted the coverage to which it is entitled in the event of a claim. This also applies if they have left the company.

Complete the umbrella of protection for managing directors

Company directors have unlimited liability with their private assets. That is why most of our clients have opted for D&O insurance. In addition to the D&O insurance, two supplementary legal protection modules are indispensable for a complete protective shield. With these, you can counter the uncertainties in the event of a claim even if the D&O insurer (initially) refuses coverage.

Current risks

by the Corona crisis

The pandemic is increasing the risks for companies and entrepreneurs: Unclear business development, suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency as well as the daily adaptation of business processes to new developments are among the current challenges. Even in these very special situations, D&O insurance takes the pressure off executive bodies that may have to make quick decisions and assume responsibility.

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